Transaction Management
& Capital Solutions

acasa group is a transaction manager for real estate and energy infrastructure. We provide all services in transaction management and advise in the arrangement and structuring of capital solutions.

acasa group manages and advises transactions in real estate, property development and energy infrastructure. We enable our clients in successful project management, to create and grow their businesses – particularly in the areas of general construction (residential), hotels and energy infrastructure.

Our experience originates from our co-operation with leading consultants in wealth management, asset management and infrastructure investments. Among others, we have advised an infrastructure fund and its institutional investors in the EU and Switzerland. Our clients most value our integrity, discretion and precision.

acasa group offers the following services:
Transaction Advisory, Transaction Management, Due Diligence, and the structuring and arrangement of capital solutions.

We cover the markets of Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Real Estate

We are experts advising on real estate transaction at any stage of your deal phase. Among others, we advise on transactions (sale/purchase) as well as general contractors in the development of new building projects or core refurbishments.
We ensure that the expectations are duly defined and understood in your transaction as such a top performance can be achieved between all the parties. We have been guiding both SMEs and public listed companies in the realisation of their ambitions for business growth.

New developments
With the development of new property projects, we create a high-quality and sustainable living spaces. We offer new, attractive premises in favourable locations in urban areas and directly neighboring areas.

In project development, we work closely with our external partner, in particularly in the areas of architecture and construction realisation. This allows us to benefit from their specialist expertise and ensures a high level of quality and adherence to deadlines during realisation. We bring our passion and services to bear in the acquisition of land, the development of site analyses, the preparation of feasibility studies and calculations, tendering and contract awarding, as well as project management across the entire value chain.

Energy Infrastructure

We have an extensive expertise in the management of infrastructure transactions and have advised institutional investors on the conception, commercial, legal and financial structuring and management of complex transactions.

Our experience is profound in energy efficiency (real estate refurbishment, district heating networks, energetic systems, industrial lighting and public lighting), as well as in traditional renewables such as photovoltaics and wind power.

We have successfully structured various financings and deal arrangements and have received awards for our innovative structuring.

We enable our clients to define practicable solutions and advance their projects.

Transaction Management

Transaction Advisory
Transaction Management
Due Diligence

Capital Solutions

Bridge Financing
Financial Structuring

Renovation, Revitalisation, New Development

In search: real estate for renovation, or new development

Zurich, Switzerland. In search for properties for renovation or revitalisation. In addition in search for land plots to realise new construction developments for residential units (MFH). In Switzerland in cantons of ZH, TG, SH, whereas in Germany in the regions BW, BY, HE (max. 250km distance to ZH).

Innovative Wind Rotor, Wind Power

Equity Shares

Zurich, Switzerland. Innovative wind rotor of next-generation technology. The prototype and indoor testing have been accomplished. The next steps are to have material optimizations and outdoor testing at specialized institutes. The Investors’ opportunity is to secure equity shares in the company. Upon completion passing the technology to large wind turbine manufacturer.

New Developments in Dubai, UAE

New units accessible with acasa group (CH) & Schofer Properties LLC (UAE)

Dubai, UAE. New construction projects in the Emirates are in high demand and are selling swiftly. Having a professional partner with access to the best quality projects is key. Schofer Properties has the profound expertise in the market and its local developers. Do you desire to secure yourself the best position, and select the residential unit in full alignment with your preferences? Schofer Properties advises on the best projects and new availabilities.

Villa in Venezia, Italia

Historic Villa of the 20th Century

Venezia, Italia. Historic Villa of the 20th century built in Liberty Style (period 1890 to 1914). The villa is located on the island of Venezia Lido with a 20min distance by boat / boat taxi to its famous Piazza San Marco. The island has an long beach front with more private atmosphere and pleasant neighborhood. Venezia Lido can be accessed by boat / boat taxi / ferry incl. car transport and via the airport G. Nicelli (Airport Code: LIPV).

70 New apartments in Lisbon, Portugal

New construction project, 2Q 2024

Portugal, Lisbon. New construction of a 4 residential units with in total 70 apartments of 100-130qm each. Located 20min form the airport of Lisbon and about 15km to the City of Lisbon. Participation over the 24 months construction period.